Pre-Baby Challenge #2: Use It Up

Pre-Baby Challenge #2: Use It Up

At 27 weeks pregnant, I am doing a lot of thinking about how my life will change in just a few short months. I’m also considering the ways in which I want it to change: what behaviors do I want to adjust before becoming a parent? This is how I came up with the idea of the Pre-Baby Challenge. We all have things we want to change about ourselves, and I personally have often struggled with executing that change. My husband and I have discussed that being responsible for another human kind of forces your hand. If you’re not behaving in the best way possible for you, how on earth are you supposed to set a good example for someone who’s just learning what it means to exist in this world? Based on that notion, I am putting some challenges in place for myself in the weeks leading up to the baby’s arrival, and I intend to detail my successes (and potential failures) right here.


For a person who is relatively low-maintenance, I own a lot of products. I go through phases with my beauty routines, and when I have a whim (natural, high-end, etc.), I often end up purchasing new things before I’ve used up the old things. I’m far too lazy to put on makeup every single day, but that lack of makeup means that skin care is very important to me. I want to go out without makeup and not feel bad about myself, you know?

While testing out new products can be  a fun hobby, it can also be an incredibly expensive one (I don’t even want to know what I spent at Sephora last year…). I have given a number of things away to friends so that products wouldn’t go to waste, and I’ve tossed anything that passed its expiration date. But I still have a few small plastic containers of products that need to be used up or passed along if they truly don’t work for me.

Pre-Baby Challenge #2 - 1
The current hair/skin care/body product collect

Sadly, this habit of buying new before old is gone does not strictly apply to skin care and beauty products. I have also developed a habit of purchasing cleaning products before the old ones are gone. Better scents, no scents, cooler packaging, more natural… I get sucked into this crap ALL. THE. TIME. It’s costly and wasteful and needs to stop.

Pre-Baby Challenge #2: Use It Up

Before I buy any more hair care, skin care, makeup, or cleaning products, I want to use up what I already own. Here’s why:

  1. This stuff is expensive, but not as expensive as a baby. Any disposable income we currently have will be going toward diapers, wipes, butt paste, formula (maybe), and other baby necessities in the very near future. It seems like a good idea to get prepared for that now.
  2. I want my child to know the value of money and that being frugal is a good thing. In order to effectively teach my child these lessons, I need to be practicing them in my own life. We should aim to meet our needs, save for the future, and help others whenever possible. While I believe in that statement wholeheartedly, I’m not currently living it.
  3. In terms of the beauty products… while I enjoy playing with makeup sometimes and taking care of my skin, I often feel very superficial when I dedicate so much time, energy, and money to those things. If my child is interested in that world, I will be supportive. But I would rather encourage reading, the arts, science, and sports to be the focus of my child’s time and energy. Taking care of oneself physically is important, but I do not want outer appearance to be my child’s driving force.
Pre-Baby Challenge #2 - 2
The revised medicine cabinet – time to use these up!

So, what happens now? Well, I’ll use up what’s in my bathroom now and then move on to the stuff in storage (I can’t believe I have beauty product storage… who am I?). From this point forward I will keep track of the products I deplete and recap my success or failure in a future blog post (maybe 2-3, depending on how long this takes).


Pre-Baby Challenge #2 - 3
Overflow Storage

I intend to apply this strategy to my cleaning products as well, but I find them to be much more boring so I don’t have photos to share. But I will include progress with those (and maybe empties, too?) in future posts.

Pre-Baby Challenge #2 - 4
Empty Future Empties Storage

Do you have any items you “collect” or constantly repurchase? Let me know in the comments!


PS: Apologies for the poorly lit iPhone photos. We have a DSLR, but I’m a novice at best with the professional equipment. I intend to work on that in the near future… perhaps another challenge?


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